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 Contact: Miss Luo. 
 Tel: +86-0755-28379946/+86 13590369218 
 FAX: +86-0755-28379949 
 Office Address: No.3028 Derong Building Road.Longgang District.shenzhen city .China
Factory Address: Building NO.3  .Xin Cheng Wang Color Printing Industrial  .Huangpu Road No. 46. Shajing street. Bao‘an District . Bao‘an District .shanzhen city

Latest activity

2018 Milan, Italy exhibition

Time:2017-08-11 Views:295
2018 Milan, Italy exhibition, exhibition time: February 25 to February 27 (3 days), the exhibition venue: Milan, Italy new exhibition center, my company booth number H30. Will show more new products. Welcome to buy.
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